Das Team vom Sta

Carbonfuture is a marketplace and platform for high-quality and high-impact carbon sink credits. We support companies and organizations worldwide on their path to true carbon neutrality.

Das Team vom Startup Grimm Water Solutions
Grimm Water Solution

Grimm Water Solution is an innovation driver in the water industry. The team’s goal is to reduce wastewater overflows from the sewer system, minimizing the negative impact on the environment. They achieve this through artificial intelligence methods. They also offer fully automated data validation and system analysis for sewer networks as a service provider.

Das Team vom Startup Concular

Concular is the digital pioneer platform for resource-efficient and circular construction. Materials in existing buildings are digitized by means of material passports and made available in the material database during deconstruction. In the case of a match, Concular takes care of getting the materials from the deconstruction site to the new construction site and measures the CO2 and waste saved in the process.

Das Team vom Startup Organifarms

Organifarms automates complex processes in indoor farming systems to make them profitable for fruit and vegetable cultivation. This is achieved through the interaction of innovative image recognition software and modern robotics technology. In this way, labor costs can be reduced and the quality and shelf life of the fruit can be increased.

Das Team vom Startup HighLine Technology

HighLine Technology is a spin-off from Fraunhofer ISE. The startup is working on a novel process for increasing efficiency in the industrial production of metal contacts in solar cells. HighLine Technology has picked up speed in terms of funding within the Accelerator: 400.000 € via Start-up BW Pre-Seed was followed by 1.2 million € seed follow-on investment by HTGF and FTTF.

Das Team vom Startup ConstellR

The Freiburg-based startup wants to use a constellation of highly innovative satellites to collect land surface temperature data so it can monitor crop health from space. In doing so, the startup can revolutionize precision agriculture. The first satellite system is scheduled to be launched into orbit at the end of 2021.

Das Team vom Startup Recyda

Recyda offers a recyclability assessment tool and provides software and data to help companies along the packaging value chain evaluate recyclability.

Das Team vom Startup WRS Energie und Druckluft
WRS Energie + Druckluft

WRS Energie makes it possible to identify compressed air savings potential in industry. Compressed air is a popular, but also the most expensive energy source here when using machines and tools. About 95% of the electrical energy used is lost during compression in the form of heat and leakage in the pipe networks. With the help of digital compressed air monitoring, WRS creates transparency in compressed air systems.

Das Team vom Startup WEtell

Value-based instead of profit-maximized through climate protection, data privacy, and fairness & transparency. WEtell’s vision: They want to make mobile communications an all-round sustainable service. WEtell is Germany’s first mobile service provider to counteract emissions from network infrastructure with 100% solar power. Together with the green search engine Ecosia, they are building new solar plants in Germany to completely cover the energy needs of their customers.

Das Team vom Startup Dexter Energy

Dexter Energy from the Netherlands specializes in forecasting energy consumption and generation time series. These can optimize schedule management at energy service providers, reducing balancing costs by up to 40%. The startup participated in the GROW program in 2019 and accelerated its market entry into Germany through >SMART> GREEN.

Das Team vom Startup Greenventory

Greenventory is a high-tech startup of Fraunhofer ISE and KIT. A software significantly facilitates the complex planning of sustainable energy systems. It was used in two pilot projects with EWS Schönau and Greenpeace Energy as part of our GROW program. Greenventory also won the MakeItMatter Award of €40.000 in 2019.

Das Team vom Startup Exnaton

Exnaton is building a platform for tomorrow’s energy supply that makes it possible to build local energy communities. Through the platform, users can buy renewable energy from local sources and gain unprecedented insight into their own energy consumption. For example, household A can buy green electricity directly from its neighbor household B, which has a solar system.