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Zwei Männer und eine Frau im Matching-Gespräch zwischen Startup und Corporate Partner

You have a market-ready product, know your target groups and have a valid sales strategy? In order to establish your start-up on the market, you now need strong partner companies that develop collaborations with you at eye level – be it for a proof-of-concept on the market, a strategic partnership or a pilot project?

We introduce you to our partners and identify common points of contact. If these are available, we not only bring you together, but also accompany you in the development and implementation of your collaboration. This involves joint pilot projects, testing, sales concepts, financing opportunities and joint business field development.

Together with the most exciting dark green innovation drivers in the German energy sector, EWS, Green Planet Energy, EGT, NATURSTROM, Stadtwerk Haßfurt and Theben, we are pursuing the vision of advancing the energy transition together with you.

With the Pfizer Healthcare Hub Freiburg, we are partnering with you to make industrial production processes more efficient, digital and sustainable.

Do you have any questions? Then please get in touch with Anna: / + 49 (0) 761 88 78 34 51

+ + The next round of GROW starts in spring 2023 + +

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The GROW Startup Journey

28./29.06.2022 | remote
MATCHING DAYS VIRTUAL An initial remote call between your innovation experts and our corporate partners will enable you to find out without any great hurdles whether there are any points of contact for possible collaborations.
26./27.07.2022 | Kreativpark Lokhalle
MATCHING DAYS You will meet the decision makers from our innovation partners in real live. Opportunities for collaborations will be discussed with you at eye level and in detail.
28.07.2022 - 21.09.2022 | remote
EXPLORATION SPRINT The EXPLORATION SPRINT takes place remotely. After getting to know each other, collaboration goals and steps towards them are defined together and experts from the partner companies are involved.
27.09.2022 | ongoing remote until this deadline
FINAL SELECTION In the FINAL SELECTION, both our innovation partners and you decide whether there is a concrete interest in a collaboration. Then, we enter into a joint strategic and operational process.
27.09.2022 | Kreativpark Lokhalle
>SMART> GREEN STARTUP NIGHT Let's review an accelerator year in our brilliant and warm >SMART> GREEN community, bring impact to the stage and celebrate the success stories together. Many representatives from the green tech industry and the startup support ecosystem will be there. In addition, the winners of the #MakeItMatter Award will be announced!
Mid October 2022 | place tba
CO-CREATION DAYS During the CO-CREATION DAY - taking place at the Kreativpark Lokhalle, the innovation partners' premises or remotely - the exact goal of the collaboration between you and the respective innovation partner is agreed. The aim is to consolidate your collaboration to the point where you can draw up a contract or agreement. A case manager will help you with the project planning.
October/November 2022 | remote
COLLABORATION SPRINT The implementation of your individually agreed collaboration starts remotely in a COLLABORATION SPRINT. Supported by our case manager, you will meet deadlines and work through concrete tasks.


  • Procurement and marketing of electricity & (bio)gas
  • Power quality, guarantees of origin, CO2 footprint
  • Distribution grid operation & grid efficiency
  • Smart Home/Building/City
  • Renewable Energy plants in operation
  • Management of customer relationship energy supply
  • Implementation of energy system installations
  • E-mobility
  • Heat solutions
  • Sector coupling


  • Recycling processes for packaging, circular economy, material recycling
  • Simulation and optimization potential of continuously operating process plants
  • Intelligent systems for quality assurance during continuous production
  • Smart/fast residue analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Environmental technology Wastewater, management/treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, warm wastewater
  • European Green Deal implications for manufacturing, energy efficiency

What you get in our GROW program


You're not doing it on your own: An individual case manager supports you, but also challenges you within the framework of the program. In concrete terms, this means that we help you as initiators, consultants and project managers at the same time to advance your business and possible collaborations.


We connect you with investors, lawyers, financial experts, successful founders, friends accelerators from Germany, Israel and Switzerland as well as decision makers of a huge Green Tech network. Within our event formats you will receive honest feedback and lots of insights.


You cooperate with our innovation partners right from the start and work together on concrete milestones!


We don't want your shares. So: Keep calm & keep your money! ;-)


Mi casa es su casa: Work in Germany's most innovative container village, the Lokhalle Creative Park, side by side with other startups, sustainability innovators and a strong community with numerous events and offers!