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Gewinner und Jury des MakeItMatter Awards im Rahmen der Startup Night 2019 vom >SMART> GREEN ACCELERATOR

The prize for energy transition startups goes into the fourth round in 2022!

Together with our innovation partner, EWS Schönau, we are looking for startup pioneers to drive the energy transition forward. In line with the EWS philosophy, we are not looking for technical innovation only, but also for solutions that enable and empower other people to shape the energy transition. If this applies to your startup, you have already founded it and the prize money gives you a decisive kick, then apply and MakeItMatter! Ideally, you have already brought your product / solution to market, but that is not a prerequisite.

The prize money is donated from the EWS Sonnencent funding program. There are three prizes:

  1. Price: 16.000 €
  2. Price: 13.000 €
  3. Price: 11.000 €


+ +  Applications is closed + +


The MakeItMatter Process

Application Deadline Use the application form which is linked here (coming soon) and feel free to integrate a video about your team and your solution.
20.07.2022 (tbd)
Jury meeting | Selection of Finalists | remote Each application will be discussed in the jury. An evaluation grid ensures an objective assessment based on relevant criteria. The 6 finalist teams will be selected.
14.09.2022 (tbd)
Jury meeting | Pitch of Finalists | remote The finalists pitch to the jury. Afterwards, the the 3 winning teams will be selected. The ranking of the winning teams remains secret until the award ceremony.
Award ceremony | live The rankings will be announced and the three prizes awarded at our big >SMART> GREEN Startup Night.

MakeItMatter winning teams 2021

1. Price PIONIX

PIONIX convinced the jury with a revolutionary and groundbreaking open source approach: They provide a platform that unites all eMobility stakeholders and thus accelerates the spread of electro mobility and uses its potential in terms of the energy transition.

2. Price InnoCharge

InnoCharge makes an indispensable contribution to the integration of renewables in the field of electromobility. They offer a solution that enables the users of electric vehicles to charge when renewable energies are sufficiently available.

MakeItMatter winning teams 2020

1. Price Betteries

Betteries makes an important contribution to the circular economy by using discarded batteries from e-vehicles and marketing them with a batteries-as-a-service approach. Betteries thus brings the energy transition to rural regions.

2. Price VorOrtEnergie

Turning tenant electricity into a profitable business case? Vor-Ort-Energie has developed standardized white-label services for this purpose, with which tenant electricity projects can be easily implemented and billed.

MakeIt Matter winning teams 2019

1. Price Greenventory

Energy decisions made easy! With its data-based energy consulting, Greenventory enables actors in the energy transition, from private individuals to municipalities, to make informed decisions on building sustainable energy systems.

2. Price Solarworx

With a modular system, Solarworx ensures that environmentally friendly solar power supplies people in rural areas worldwide with energy instead of smelly and expensive diesel generators. This is how Solarworx creates an energy transition for households and small businesses.

Solarworx Logo

EWS Schönau

Logo Innovationspartner Elektrizitätswerke Schönau

The electricity rebels from the Black Forest! In the 90s, they were the pioneers of the energy transition and part of the anti-nuclear movement. In an incredible, committed and heart-warming action, the citizens of Schönau bought up their electricity grid.

Today, EWS supports founders who want to change the rules of the game in the same rebellious way and turn the energy industry upside down.

Since 2018, EWS has been involved in our Accelerator as an innovation partner to build individual startup collaborations for business development in specific innovation fields.

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