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We founded Grünhof in 2013 to provide a home for creative thinkers, sustainability-oriented innovators and startup enthusiasts. In addition to our mission to support people in the realization of their ideas, we want to create a platform for startup culture and entrepreneurship that is played host to by many different actors. To make this possible, we work one thing above all: together! We are not only concerned with the "what", but also with the "how": Both within the Grünhof community and with external players, we want to shape a new culture of cooperation. Transparent and honest dealings with each other are just as much a part of our principles as a constructive and optimistic view of the future. Because one thing is certain: together we can move a lot!  
Johannes Mielitz

Johannes is our youngest team member and strengthens us with his energy and fresh ideas straight from university. With his major in business development, he brings an eye for strategic and entrepreneurial analysis to startup consulting. In the preparation of events and consulting appointments, his motivation to create individual and valuable moments comes to the fore.



Anna Lehner

After 10 years of scientific project work in materials chemistry & energy conversion to patent maturity, Anna expanded her expertise building corporate collaborations in an IT startup for decentralized energy systems. In the Accelerator team, Anna’s drive, experience and conceptual talent now benefits many startups as she expands our network towards industry, research and sustainability initiatives and drives the program portfolio holistically and iteratively.


Konrad Pfitzer

Konrad brings a business background and 12 years of industry experience to the Accelerator. Today, he is part of the Grünhof management team. As an experienced product manager and executive in an international corporation, he has developed and successfully implemented strategies for a variety of products. Konrad has a talent for sales and pricing. His professional approach to companies and partners makes him the go-to person for the network.


Julia Mayer

Before joining the Accelerator, Julia worked in organizational development as a consultant for projects in design thinking and agile project management. She is a full-blooded implementer true to the motto “said, done”! She juggles pre-seed applications and is the point of contact for all kinds of questions on this topic. Therefore, she is in constant exchange with our startups. As a Scrum Master, she manages the team workflow and the optimization of our internal processes.


Philipp Rottmann

Through the founding of two startups in the area of media/digital and through his time in the startup office at the University of Freiburg, Philipp can competently advise startups. He knows the work of large accelerators from the startups’ point of view and thus brings in essential impulses for the program design. Philipp knows funding issues in detail and is our pre-seed professional. He is at his best in front of an audience on stage!


Foto Teammitglied Jürgen Gomeringer
Jürgen Gomeringer

Jürgen is an absolute business model professional and our startups benefit from his experience and different perspectives: He was responsible for promoting innovation at a business association of industrial enterprises, had his own lecture on digital business models at Furtwangen University and founded two startups in the media/digital sector together with Philipp. He also is responsible for social media in our team, develops great visuals and screws on cool videos.


GRÜNHOF: Green Economy innovation and startup hub KREATIVPARK LOKHALLE: Our container village

On June 1, 2018, we opened another Grünhof location: The startup and innovation center Kreativpark Lokhalle. In the future, the new location will be the center for companies, startups and creative minds in the Freiburg area. With the community idea behind this project, a place is to be created where knowledge, know-how and ideas are shared and advanced. In addition, the >SMART> GREEN Startups get a new home here: Here you work in an indoor container village on 1.600m² in teamspaces and coworking desks or have a creative session in our popup teamspace.

If that’s not startup enough for you, you can also just lie down in the hammock with your MacBook or chat with the developer or graphic designer next door in our café bar. After all, we want the Kreativpark Lokhalle to be a lively and colorful community where people can exchange ideas and work together. Our community manager will make sure that you become part of our network as quickly as possible!


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CAFÉ POW: We also have a beer garden

Café POW is the place where you can get together with other founders and co-workers, studies, ecos, project makers, hipsters and normal people to let your heads dangle in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to a beautiful beer garden and a very relaxed atmosphere, our Café POW offers really good coffee, cakes, sandwiches, salads and much more.

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Our work is based on values and principles that we have defined together. Our daily mission is to incorporate these values into teamwork with each other, but also in collaborations with external organizations and people.

We want to establish a new form of work culture and achieve cooperation based on genuine trust and unusually high transparency. We try things out – we make mistakes – and we learn from them. In doing so, we are innovative in methods and processes to develop unusually good solutions!