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We founded Grünhof in 2013 to provide a home for creative thinkers, sustainability-oriented innovators and startup enthusiasts. In addition to our mission to support people in the realization of their ideas, we want to create a platform for startup culture and entrepreneurship that is played host to by many different actors. To make this possible, we work one thing above all: together! We are not only concerned with the "what", but also with the "how": Both within the Grünhof community and with external players, we want to shape a new culture of cooperation. Transparent and honest dealings with each other are just as much a part of our principles as a constructive and optimistic view of the future. Because one thing is certain: together we can move a lot! With the Grünhof, we now have three locations spread throughout Freiburg that form a centre for companies, start-ups and creative minds. Our aim is to create a place where knowledge, know-how and ideas are shared and advanced. A lively and colourful community is evident at all locations, where people exchange ideas and work with each other. Our community manager will make sure that you become part of our network as quickly as possible!

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