RAISE The masterclass for a financing round

You are the founder of a startup and are preparing your first major financing round. Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • Do you know Union Theory of risk?
  • How does a VC fund work?
  • What are the pros and cons of VC investments?
  • How can I master the various stages of fundraising?
  • What do I need for the investors and how do I prepare it correctly?
  • What does my investor profile look like?

You can find out these and much more in our new online masterclass RAISE from the >SMART> GREEN ACCELERATOR.

Everything is condensed and perfectly prepared with input from experts in the respective fields and our own experience. Split into 4 modules of 2 hours each with a possible subsequent individual consultation and intros to current and exciting VCs.

RAISE application

RAISE - program schedule

20.02.2024 I remote I 2-4pm
Modul 1: Basics of equity financing * Introduction to different types of investors, including business angels, venture capital funds and corporate venture capital
* Differences between institutional and individual investors
* How do VCs work
* Overview of the different financing phases
* Explanation of the typical characteristics of each financing phase
* VC deal flow
21.02.2024 I remote I 2-4pm
Modul 2: Fundraising material and tools * Stages and timeline of fundraising * Connection between funding and milestones * Why product market fit is important * Mise en place: Cap Table I Finanzplan I IP I Pitch Deck I Due Diligence I Data Room
12.03.2024 I remote I 2-4pm
Modul 3: From Zero to Interest * The perfect investor profile * The right number on the target list * Researching and building investor longlists * Network strategies * All about intros * Cold calling * The right amount of investor relationship management * Founder Investor Fit
13.03.2024 I remote I 2-4pm
Modul 4: From Interest to Deal and Beyond * Various options for investment * Startup evaluation * Termsheet * Negotiation tactics * VESOP * Due diligence * Deal Closing * What comes after the deal
Application and qualification for your individual consultation After completing the Masterclass, you can apply for a 1:1 consultation with us. This is where we prepare you for an intro to our VCs.
Intro to our network After the consultation, you will receive exclusive intros to our network of VCs for your next financing round.