You are an entrepreneurial personality attracted by real challenges and curious to learn how to innovate? Join the Green Digital Activator, meet real corporates with real innovation challenges! Meet your German and Israeli team members, learn about agile innovation methods, be on site in Freiburg and Tel Aviv and GO FOR IT!

GDA is joining master students from Tel Aviv, todays coolest digital startup boomtown and Freiburg, Germanys eco capital and boom region in the black forest area.
In 8 weeks time four mixed German-Israeli teams are tackling innovation challenges from local German corporates. The challenges are targeting specific innovation needs in the field of digitalization and/or sustainability.

In a one week session in Freiburg you will learn about all the details you need to get started. We will guide you through the 7 weeks virtual phase that follows working on innovative solutions. The big final will take place in Tel Aviv where you will work till the final pitching day in front of all teams and the corporates.

By the way, at COMAS and University of Freiburg successfully passing the GDA, can bring Credit Points for your degree (*University of Freiburg students have to take part in a additional seminar) .
The GDA starts in November 2018. You can apply if you are advanced in your studies of information technologies, engineering or economics.

The GDA program will book and pay for your flights and hotel in Germany and Israel! Spendings during your stay like local transport, food or drinks will be at your own expense.


These are the dates for 2018/19 GDA program.

22nd-29th Nov 2018
KICK-OFF IN FREIBURG Get to know your team and the details of your challenge! We will introduce the innovation process and take together with you the first important steps to get you on track. After this week in Freiburg you will have created a strong team and the ideas to follow up.
1st Dec 2018 - 16th Jan 2019
VIRTUAL PHASE During the virtual phase you will work from home using digital tools to communicate and organize yourselves as a team. You will specify your ideas and create a testing and feedback tool. You will be scouting in Israel and Germany for existing or new solutions and plan and attend expert meetings in both countries. Your target is to draft an innovation concept.
17th Jan 2019 - 24th Jan 2019
THE BIG FINAL IN TEL AVIV! The teams will reunite in Tel Aviv taking a learning and feedback loop with the mentors and the other teams. Together you are finalizing the concepts and develop the presentation for the final day when the corporates come to Tel Aviv! You and your team will pitch the results in front of the group and corporates.

Target of the GDA Why attending the Activator?

It will be a valuable experience for the teams running an innovation process from start to end under real life conditions. While solving a real innovation challenge you will…

…gain know-how in innovation management

…learn innovation methods like Design Thinking & Lean Startup

…gain skills in agile project management

…explore virtual team work