Individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

The programs are aimed at startups consisting of at least two people.

For all programs, it is expected that at least one person per startup with decision-making authority or from the founding team participates in all program modules.

Face-to-face events at the Kreativpark Lokhalle, Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 7, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau, are marked as such in the “Startup Journey”. It contains all program modules and dates and can be found on the respective program page (here is the overview of all programs).

The conditions of participation for MakeItMatter can be found in German only on the Awards’ website.

Further conditions for participation in the >SMART> GREEN programs are:

  1. Participants agree to participate in events within the scope of the program.
  2. Participants ensure that the presentation of their business idea or business model does not violate any legal regulations or the rights of third parties. These include, for example, copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, registered designs or patent rights. In case of infringement of third party rights, the participants are responsible for this and indemnify the organizer and Grünhof GmbH from the financial consequences as well as the reasonable costs of a legal defense.
  3. The participants are aware that the presentation of their concepts may eliminate the novelty in any subsequent patent applications. The participants themselves are responsible for this. It is the responsibility of the participants to secure the novelty of their inventions through any patent applications or legal protection prior to any marketing activities  in the course of program participation.Grünhof GmbH assumes no liability in this regard.
  4. The participants agree that registration data will be forwarded exclusively to appropriate partners (e.g. business angels, VC investors or corporate partners) for the purpose of potential investments in the startup, the establishment of industry contacts or possible corporate cooperations.
  5. The participants agree that photographic material (photos/moving images) may be taken during the events and published by >SMART> GREEN ACCELERATOR. The photographic material can be passed on to partner companies from the programs for advertising purposes.
  6. The participants agree that photographic material and information about the startup may be visually used in the premises of Grünhof GmbH.
  7. The participants agree to make their Logo and visual material available for publications and public relations purposes.
  8. The participants agree to use the logo of the >SMART> GREEN ACCELERATOR on the startup’s website for a period of minimum two years.
  9. Participants agree to publish at least one post via their LinkedIn channel mentioning the program and the >SMART GREEN> ACCELERATOR.
  10. Participants agree to present their startup at the >SMART> GREEN Startup Night. In agreement with >SMART> GREEN, the participants decide on the level of detail of the presentation.
  11. Participation in the Accelerator programs is free of charge and constitutes funding. It falls under the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) of the EU. Each startup receives a corresponding AGVO certificate at the end of the year with the amount of support in euros that the startup received from the state (via the state-funded accelerator).
  12. German law shall apply. Should any of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions remains unaffected.